We are moving!

no idea where to yet but we have started packing and commited to moving soon. This is the time to declutter. Im usually quite ruthless with this as the less i have the less i have to move. My issue is that i often throw things out that i later have to rebuy…cant be helped, it happens. So without further adu here is my go to guide for decluttering:

Get rid of it if:

  • You forgot you owned it
  • It doesnt fit
  • Its faded or torn
  • Its missing parts
  • You have another one (we had 4 sandwich presses)
  • You havent used it in 2yrs
  • You have never used it
  • You can sell it for atleast half of what you paid
  • It doesnt work properly
  • You arent quite sure why you kept it in the first place

(I havent swum in 10yrs)

Give this a go. Another good idea is to think, if the house burnt down would i mourn this? 

(Like it, but never used in 5yrs since i got it)

Make sure you start this process early as you will fill your bin several times and it can be quite emotional so do it gradually. 

(Owned for about 15yrs, never used)

Have fun!