The beautiful Rohan

I realised i never posted the pics i took of my beautiful new nephew Rohan!


First shoot

first shoot over and done with. Went well, my 6yr old cousin refused to behave but i got some sneaky ones of her and i think the ones of her chucking a tanty are quite good too lol my issue now is that when i got them printed the colors are super over saturated. I tried two print places and both turned out the same. Not sure if maybe my screen colors are off or what is happening. Back to the drawing board on that one. For now im trying to shake a cough so that i can do a newborn shoot for my sister!


Photography 365

i have been reading alot online about pro photographers. Mostly a page called clickmoms. The first thing i realised is that EVERYONE had a Nicon or a Canon. I have an Olympus. But im assuming the theory is the same. I have a 48mm lens which seems to be a fave of most of them. Then i found that alot of them started with something called 365. Basically you have to take atleast one picture a day. I could really see alot of improvement by the end of the year for all of them so im giving it a go. 

I actually picked a good time because my sisters baby is due any day and my aunt has agreed to do a trial kids session with me and her 4 and 6yr olds tomorrow night, yikes wish me luck! 

The things i have learnt so far are that i dont have to go into my cameras menu to change the settings, all i have to do is press ‘ok’ and they pop up on the bottom of the screen for easy scrolling.

 I need to investigate the white setting. I found it but not sure how to use it just yet. And i am playing with the multi shutter function where it takes multiple pics a second. 

I have heaps of baby props on their way for my nephew so i hope to get some good practice in taking his pics over the next month or so. Stay tuned for the pics!

Olympus And sick babies

home on the couch on a saturday night. Its actually a friends engagement party right now that i had to sent BD to alone as Rue has been sick and was just too tired to stay up. So this mummy is watching Fashion bloggers for the 100th time. Living varcariously through their trip to Dubai, sun, water, looks so good.

But i did have one fun trip yesterday, got my tax return and finally got my new camera! Introducing my Olympus OM-D. I had heard good things and it really looks like my dads camera he had for years when i was little. Of course his was film, mine also has a few gadgets im loving. I fiddled with it for 20mins trying to work out why the screen was blank. Turns out there is a button next to the view finder for switching between the screen and viewfinder. Once that was sorted i switched it to manual mode and i was off. No photos yet as i havent left the house in 3 days 😦 

Oh and any prayers and well wishes you can spare to a friend who gave birth to her son, James, yesterday at just 24weeks gestation. Word is he is doing well but every bit of love helps. 

Hobbies and jobs

when i was leaving year 12 i had to make a choice on what i was going to do with my life. I decided on two things and set off for the local Tafe open day. (Due to some bad advice in year 11 i couldnt go to uni). I loved photography and was darn good at it. But when i went to see the course it was all comercial photography, cars and merchandise. I wanted to be arty, portraits etc. One interesting part was forensic photography but did i really want to take photos of dead people?? 

my second choice was a bit of a long shot. I loved libraries and thought it would be an interesting place to work. The course looked good, how to research, lots of lovely people. My parents voiced their concern at where i would get a job but i decided even if i changed my mind i would have a good diploma under my belt. So i went for it. And i loved it! So glad i chose it and was suprised to find that there were hundreds of libraries i could get jobs in, governement departments each have their own library and as canberra was the public service hub i was sure to find a job.

Today though im still interested in photography. I maintain that the course would have been boring but now im looking at the new technology and wondering if i could make a go of some casual opportunities. I already helped my mum save several photos after they were flood damaged. Retouching them so that they could be preserved, and restoring others of my grandmother which had been ravaged with age. 

As my life is getting into the swing of important events, babies, weddings, loved ones who we dont see often, i am considering the perks of getting a digital slr again and watching youtube videos on the latest editing software. I want to capture all of these moments and not just share them on facebook but actually print and frame them. I think start up will cost me close to $1000 but as its tax time at the end of the month i do have the opportunity to dive in. This will be just in time for Rues first birthday and for the birth of my nephew. The camera im considering is the Olympus OM-D which seems to be a light weight option and the shape reminds me of my dads first camera. I already have Adobe photoshop but am considering Adobe lightroom for about $190.

Should i take the dive?? What was your first job prospect?


Photoshop has received a bad name over recent years. I personally love it but i dont use it to change how people look, i use it to turn happy snaps into framed photos. I remove powerlines, drink bottles, pimples. Little things that distract from the main subject. All of my pictures of Rue are taken on my phone as happy snaps, not posed. This means that they often have odd backgrounds, he isnt wearing neutral clothes and there are things in the frame that i would rather weren’t. So i thought i would take you through how i changed this happy snap to one of my favourite pictures of Rue and BD.

This is the original image from my phone. You will notice the background is the TV with credits from the Simpsons rolling.


The first thing i did was use the clone tool on the black and using it to swipe over the credits so that it looks like the background is solid black. I didnt use the paint tool for this because its not actually true black and it can make the people look odd when you change the background color too much.


Next i wasnt sure what to do with his clothes. I knew i wanted to keep this image in color because the contrast of BDs skin against Rues pale skin and the black background looked really good. First I tried to use the clone tool again to take out the cars on his onesie but it wasnt working well. Then i used the paint tool on 75% opacity to paint over it. This sort of worked but it took out the wrinkles and shaddow which made it look fake. I tried using the sharpening tool to make the edges more solid and not glow but it took out some of the detail.


I strongly suggest saving each stage as a separate image so you can go back if you dont like your changes. So i closed this image and opened the file with just the background changed. Next i tried a different tact. I used the lasso tool to select his onesie then the wand to add and subtract selected parts until i only had his onesie selected. Then i used the color and saturation to remove the color. I love the effect. The grey cars are now more of a background then a feature. They work well against BDs tattoo too, (which are 2 of his 6 nieces names, not ex girlfriends).


And vola, the final image. I think its a new favourite. Its not perfect but it meets my needs 🙂