They are just showing they care

Im sure everyone who has children dreads those final few weeks. Not because of the event coming up, but because of the constant phone calls berating us wanting to know how we are. Its getting out of hand. How long can you ignore a call before it becomes rude? How many times can you tell them that you will obviously tell them if something happens.

Getting annoyed at my lack of information when you insist on calling daily is not okay. If I have news I WILL TELL YOU. Otherwise if you call I will say, im fine, and I don’t appreciate being told off for that. As an example my dad rung on Monday to check in on me. Then he called again today, and his wife called an hour later to ask the same question. So no, I didn’t answer the phone for either of them. I have nothing to say, I haven’t done anything, nothing has happened in the last 3 days! Last week he called on Thursday then when we were saying bye he said he would call back the next day…what, to hear about what time I went to bed??? Come on. Be realistic people. Once a week is all im giving you. And if I tell you I will call after my doc appointment on Thursday, don’t call Wednesday night and expect news. I have just sent him a stern message asking him to stop calling. It might sound harsh but its getting ridiculous.

But its not just him. This week alone I have had calls from my mum, sister, boss, two from dad and one from his wife. And people wonder why we start to snap. I know its exciting but the only news I can give you is that I had the baby, and I will obviously tell you when that happens so there is no need to check in daily.

So if there is someone in your life who is pregnant. Do them a favour, restrict checking in to once a month, or ask them to keep you updated, let them set the schedule. I promise they will call if something happens.


Week 35 – 5 weeks to go

Im having a baby next month…well lets face it quite possibly this month! That’s such a scary exciting thought. But in terms of my body im actually feeling less pregnant. How odd is that. I just woke bub up because he hasn’t wiggled today and I wanted to make sure he was still in there. Because really I feel a lot better than I have for the past 2months. Im not sure if its because im off work and relaxing or if its just that I have the hang of what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I am proud to say that I can still shave my legs in the shower, go me!

I had my 35 week checkup on Wednesday. Bub is still head down but has moved from the left to the right. His head is engaged but the doc couldn’t tell how far. Basically that means that his head is wedged in my pelvis and not coming out until he is born. It also means that my lady parts really hurt because bub is pushing against my pelvis so I have to be careful how I move. Especially getting in and out of the car and putting pants on. My Diabetes is under control and only goes over if I have something naughty like McDonalds and even then it only goes over slightly. Im not concerned about going on insulin now, I really think they don’t want me on it and are happy for me to deliver at Calvary my chosen hospital, yay. I have another appointment at 36-37 weeks and an ultrasound to make sure bub is the right size and I can go full term. Its a diabetes thing that bub can be too big and they would  need to induce me earlier but my last scan showed a perfect bub so im not worried. My sister in law is due the week before me with an elective c-section so she has her scan this week to set a date, exciting! She may have her bub in the next few weeks!

My baby shower is tomorrow, quite excited but I will have to watch the amount of naughty foods I have. But I did have a moment the other day. I was telling a friend how BD was taking two weeks off after bub but I thought it would be easier working out a schedule by my self rather than with him home helping. She pointed out that he is taking time off to bond with his son, not to help me. I was like, oh of course he is! Its silly because every time someone asks they say, is he taking any time off to help you? Not once did I think that he wanted time off to be with the baby lol I guess its just the way people usually word it that my brain just hadn’t clicked over…im such a dolt.  We have also been invited to a friends 30th two weeks after his due date, kids not welcome. Can’t say I think ill make it lol

Its just a waiting game now…I have never been good at waiting.

Now what? Week 33 – 7 weeks to go

I made the decision to go on maternity leave a week early. Not because I hate work, which I do, but because I was having so many doctors appointments that it was getting silly to keep getting med certs when I could just finish up a week early. As I was leaving my colleague asked who was taking over my job, I said I had no idea, she got grumpy and complained that I should have given more notice because now she was going to have to do it. I would like to point out that not only has my leave been approved since JANUARY but that I covered for her for three weeks last month when she had to go overseas for a family emergency. Its not my issue that no one got off their butt to actually address the issue of who would be doing my job, I handed over as much of it as I could think of in the last few weeks. From there its up to management to deal with it. So now im officially off until April 2015! I say officially because im planning on having a new better job by then so I can quit this one.

But now I have the question of, what now? I have 7weeks until my due date. Assuming I make it that far that’s a fair amount of spare time! I will be cleaning the house of course so its organised and I don’t have to worry about doing it with bub in one arm. But the rest of the time? In the past when I have been on leave I love to bake. This time I have Gestational Diabetes so no baking for me. Its leaving me out on a limb! There is only so much online shopping I can do before it gets expensive! This will be my first full week off plus my first week in the last month with no doctors appointments, maybe. My fasting levels are still high so I have to ring the clinic tomorrow. Fingers crossed no Insulin needed! I have foxtel but have watched all the shows im interested in. Any recommendations, I like the cooking, gardening and home design type ones.

One thing that has sparked my interest in the last few days is that im actually a published author and the writing bug has bitten again. I have started a new book which I hope to work on while on leave. It was actually a career I thought would be great for when I had kids as I could work from home. I haven’t hit the big money yet and only make about $50 a quarter, no, authors don’t make a lot of money lol Until I hit the best seller list most authors need a day job. But it will get me through my mat leave I hope with some sanity. I ordered 3 books from Booktopia too which should be here next week or the week after. If you haven’t been on there yet, its about 30% off retail price so very worth it.

Oh and I cant remember If I posted but I had a growth scan at 32 weeks and bub is measuring perfect to dates. Here is his cute squishy face and a hand. My sister needed some explaining to see this is a baby and not a smudge. Can you see it? I was pretty excited that he actually looks like a baby now and not a blob 🙂 His hand is top left, nose and lips above that near the middle and forehead in the middle right.Image



Week 31 – 9 to go

I get suprised some times at people who dont realise im pregnant. Strangers have commented that im big enough to be having triplets but i just commented that im going on leave to a colleague, she said for a holiday? She was shocked when i said it was maternity leave. I mean honestly, i have grown 3 dress sizes!

This was also my first week testing my blood sugar levels. The first few days all came back normal but the stab i just did came back high. Im quite suprised at what makes it high and what doesnt. A big roast lunch, normal, a small pumpkin soup and multi grain slice of bread, high. Im assuming i need protien to keep it level? Its a learning curve for sure.

I have also decided that with all my medical appointments latley there is no sense staying at work for the next two weeks and i may as well leave early (im devistated…not!) So as soon as my manager gets back tomorrow im taking the last week of May off which means from today i only have 3 working days left!!! It will be so much easier to manage everything without work in the mix.

I also realised i have less than 8 weeks until bub is born! Less if my scan on Friday makes me a candadate to be induced which im sure it will. Getting real now! Also realised i havent shared and pics! First is me demonstrating how my bump dropped last week. Second is the nursery, it now has a rug but i took this before i got it. ImageImage

Week 30 – 10 to go

Its been a very eventful week and not for a good reason. Firstly had my 30 week check up and found out that my GD result was actually positive but they neglected to tell me which means I have had diabetes for 3 weeks and haven’t been controlling it. They booked me in for the GTT (glucose tolerance test) straight away but my initial reading was so high after fasting that there was no need for the test. I have an information night tomorrow to get my blood sugar reader and diet plan.

Today however I had an OB app and was measuring 37 weeks! That’s full term which means that I can go into labour at any time in theory. She also told me that if my diabetes cant be controlled with diet in the next few weeks I have to go on insulin which means I have to go to the other hospital which is better equipped for bub but 30mins further from home and which I have never seen the ward.

All of this makes me really annoyed because if they had given me the results 4weeks ago when they got them then I could have been on a diet and bub wouldn’t have gotten so big. I now have to see the OB weekly and I have a growth ultrasound booked for next Friday. Even if bub isn’t as big as they think he will still be big which means I have a very high chance of not only going into labour early but of being induced or even having to have a c-sec which I don’t want. So it looks like I have a lot less time until bub is here than I thought. I think maybe 38 weeks at the most no matter what the outcome.

Also means that my initial birth plan is out the window. If they induce me I think I will need an epi as I have heard its a lot more painful and bub will be pretty big so I have a higher chance of tearing. The other outcome is a c-sec which means major surgery and for someone like me who has never been in surgery, or even had painkillers! Its a major deal and several weeks of recovery. Bub will almost definitely be in the NICU because of the diabetes and being born early. Not ideal but I will try and take the best combination of keeping bub in there to cook longer and also not getting so big that I am in danger. My ideal range is 35-38 weeks. In my mind that’s the best chance I have of a good balance.

Things that I now need to do.

  • I am finalising the nursery and getting everything sorted and ready to go.
  • I will be drinking raspberry leaf tea to get my body ready in case I go early.
  • I will let work know that I may not make it to my mat leave date at 34 weeks, so will be working day to day and ensuring things are finalised at the end of each day.
  • I will install the car seat.
  • Then I will move onto the rest of the house: Making frozen meals, organising the spare room for mums visit, generally making the house comfortable so I don’t have to worry about anything except bub.

In a better moment this week our twins mummy (from the facebook group) had her two beautiful girls. Born at 31weeks with steroids they are doing well and are both off ventilators and breathing by themselves 🙂

Pay and kicking

I got a rude shock yesterday when i realised that the $900 half pay i thought i would be getting for the next 4months was actually $589. This is not enough to cover my bills! The issue you see was that i forgot that im on a car lease until September which deducts $300 from my pay each fn before tax. I think we have it worked out now and i have reduced a few other bills to compensate. Makes me really thankful that i am already done on the whole shopping front. So all those people who are waiting until the last minute to shop for bub, just remember that your circumstances can change at the drop of a hat. Also bummed that we wont meet the new threshold for Abbots proposed payment scheme that would have seen me get full pay for 24 weeks rather than minimum wage for 18. Oh well. I cant really complain about free money.

This last week has also seen some serious movement from bub. I believe that on Sunday he turned a little so is now sitting on the right rather than the left and i feel him bumping around in there all the time rather than just the odd tickle. BD also felt his first kick. He felt a few but i think he didnt realise what he was feeling so didnt think it was bub. We have our birthing class next weekend which i think will be really good for him because i dont think he is as well read about the birthing process as i am. I think he thinks i push and out comes baby. He hasnt realised that there is the whole placenta, tearing, drugs, cervix dialation, foreceps thing to deal with too 🙂 At this point im still assuming ill go into labour around the 38 week mark as there is some descrpancy over my due date. LMP is 4th July where as scans put me at 13th. So the 38week mark will put me nearly on 40weeks if you go from LMP but also that most babies are born around 39weeks anyway. Will have to wait and see if im right! 


Maternity leave

I touched a little on this in my last post but the thought has hit me of whatthehellamigoingtodowith6weeksleave. Most of the things people have told me are for after bub is born. But for those 6weeks before then im going to be large, uncomfortable and bored out of my skull. People say to just relax and enjoy the free time before bub. So in other words you want me to sit on my ass and watch TV for 6weeks?? I dont really think they have thought that plan through. Most people would go crazy with boredom after a week.

Then they say well maybe im going on leave too early. This isnt true for several reasons, firstly i hate work with a passion so staying longer is not an option, secondly 34weeks is the latest i can legaly work for the public service, thirdly im already huge and tired and i think by 34weeks there is no way i will be up for lugging my butt into work or fitting behind a steering wheel. Other suggestions have been to organise the nursery, done, wash bubs clothes, done, clean the house, because that will take 6weeks??? Image

So here is a list of things that i have so far come up with for killing time productivley on mat leave before baby is born, hopefully it will keep me a little occupied.

  1. Clean the house (might take a day)
  2. Re organise linnen cupboard (a few hrs)
  3. Stock up on non-perishables to cut down on shopping later
  4. Think about baby proofing the house, ie things that will need to be moved or secured
  5. Pamper myself, facials, nails etc.
  6. Swimming (dependant on if my swimmers fit which is unlikley)
  7. Go for Coffee with other pregnant friends.
  8. Work out a few options for baby foods and test.
  9. Learn 10 new healthy recipes
  10. Make up snack bags for midnight feedings
  11. Wash both dogs
  12. Detail car
  13. Plant some herbs or edibles in the garden (im renting so this will be limited)
  14. Organise the spare room for when mum comes to stay
  15. Rearrange kitchen cupboards
  16. Catch up on Supernatural (im up to season 5 of 9)
  17. Make more items for my Etsy shop.
  18. Knit
  19. Pregnancy yoga
  20. Set up baby gate to keep dogs out of loungeroom

I got to 20, it was a stretch but i got there. I will see how many of these get done but at least if i get bored i have a list planned out. Anyone else got a suggestion?

Week 28 – Third trimester

No post in ages because WordPress is being super annoying and my posts aren’t working properly. Lets see how this one goes.


Symptoms: Constipation, gas, tired

Baby: Moving around a little, I can really feel him at the bottom mostly, his head moving across my belly when he wakes up. He is about 32cm long and weighs about 1kg. If he were to be born today he would have about a 80% chance of survival.

Things are getting real people! I have just under 5 weeks left of work and the big topic on my mind is what the fudge am I going to do with myself for 6weeks until my due date (assuming bub doesn’t come early). I have asked the other ladies in my group and they all said, relax. I don’t think they realise how long 6weeks is. Im honestly going to go crazy getting up each day just to watch TV then go back to bed,  honestly, that’s not going to happen. I need a reason to get up each day! Sure for the first few days it will be fun but 6weeks is like 40days! I have to have a project, or 7 lol I will of course be knitting but I get RSI so I shouldn’t do too much. The nursery is 90% done and all baby clothes washed so that’s not going to keep me busy. All my friends and family work full time so there will be no one else to keep me occupied. My BD has banned me from baking (and the mess involved) so that’s out hahaha

I went to the inlaws this weekend and BD mothers first comment was “OMG your huge are you sure its not twins.” Yeah, because that’s what every woman wants to hear. Im not the only one getting this. How big do they expect you to be, you are carrying a human in a balloon. Yes, your belly is going to be large. No, we don’t want you to remind us of how huge we are every day. And yes after several doctors visits and 3 ultrasounds we are sure its not twins, but im sure you are more qualified to know that than the technician…People also keep asking what I need, am I all set up. When I say yes they don’t believe me and start listing things. What part of yes are they not getting. My child is due in less than 12weeks. Of course I have everything. And when I say everything this obviously includes a crib and change table, because those are the first things they seem to list. Like everything wouldn’t include a crib…or clothes….My sister hates when I say how annoying these questions are because she just tells me its people being interested. She doesn’t realise how often I am asked and how patronising it sounds to a pregnant lady. Asking, are you all set up, is fine, questioning me when I say yes, Is grounds for me to punch you. Why ask if you didn’t want to hear the answer.

Oh and the funniest and most perplexing part. My step mum keeps telling me she has bought me sheep toys but has to hide them from my dad or he will find out the gender (he doesn’t want to know). I have pointed out several times how dumb this is, in what way are sheep a boy thing. Her answer is always, oh but you wouldn’t buy a sheep for a girl, or girls don’t play with sheep! Ah, why the hell not?!?! This confuses me, it really does. And I am yet to find someone that understands her logic either.

I also have a cold, and being pregnant I cant take meds for it so I have been wallowing in tea for the last few days and coughing so much my back muscles are soooo sore.


Maternity leave I assumed would be as simple as applying for annual leave. Nup! I am taking 12weeks mat leave at half pay. Then 4 week maternal leave which have to be taken at full pay. Then the 18weeks parental leave (PPL) from centerlink which has taken me three tries online before I gave up and printed the 69pages of forms. But PPL cant be approved before the baby is born and you submit another form and the birth cert then it takes another 3weeks after that for the payments to start, luckily I don’t need it for about 10weeks after bub. Then I found out that I have to be on leave without pay during PPL which means I don’t accrue annual leave which shot my plan of taking annual leave at half pay next year

Now comes the annoying part. Initially this all worked out at full pay to 6months. A colleague mentioned that I was taking a year off. I replied that no I was only taking 6months. She looked really confused and said that everyone had said that I was taking a year. I have no idea how this rumour started as I have only ever intended to take 6months and had told everyone that several times. I mentioned it to my manager and she said she thought I was taking a year…You might be wondering why this annoyed me. Well because its clearly completely made up. Someone has just decided im taking a year despite the fact that my manager had already approved my 6months and I had told everyone this and rather than listening to me when I told them 6months they listened to this other person

Now after the leave without pay incident I am taking 9months to try and stretch it out a bit. I told my manager this and she replied with, oh I thought you were only taking 3months…Honestly why do they bother asking how long im going to be off if they just keep making crap up and ignoring what I say. No matter how many times they ask me how long ill be off they just decide in their own minds how long I should be off and tell other people that. Spreading rumours in other words! Then we get those who tell me to take 5yrs off without pay, I tell them that no I need my pay check, they just say oh but you will want to be at home, folks think about these things before you say them. I highly doubt they could live with no job for 5years. So why assume that having a child makes things cheaper and just assume that I would quit my job. People can be so self righteous without even realising they are doing it. How about rather than commenting they listen to what I say when they ask and assume im not an idiot and have in fact thought about it some what and know what I want to do with my own life. They of course don’t know that I fully intend to quit at the end of my leave because the idea of going back makes me want to kill someone. I will be using my mat leave to find another job, possibly part time where I can earn an income and not hate waking up every day.</p>

Week 24

I really think the baby industry needs to address this. I bought a change pad today. Its white plastic and basically pritty boring. So i jumped online to buy a cover for it. For some unexplainable reason they are all made out of cotton or fleece. Now to me this makes about as much sense as a fabric toilet seat. Its going to get all mannor of bodily substances on it. When i googled a solution it says if you want it to be water proof just dont put a cover on it…well gee thanks google. Apparently the done thing is to buy two covers and just use them with disposible liners and wash the cover every few days…does this strike anyone else as a waste of time? Why would you not make the cover out of that plastic covered cotton they make travel change mats out of?!?! It makes zero sense to me. I think, once again, im just going to have to make my own darn cover. My mat is basically plastic filled with padding so a simple pillowcase design with a zip at one end would surfice. Its back to Lincraft for me this week.

Symptoms: Heart burn. Pulling when i roll over. Kicking.

Baby: 30cm long. Can hear me and may have hair.

9weeks until im on mat leave thank goodness. My work seems to have taken a leave of their senses and are annoying me more than usual. I thought it would be nice to have an easter morning tea so sent out invites asking those who wanted to come to chip in $2 for some hot cross buns. there are less than 10 of us so i thought it would be a nice little get together. No. They are all complained about the $2 because last year our Director bought the buns and they feel she should do it again this year. I was pritty dumbfounded that 10 smart women would rather someone else paid their $2 for them…I told them that if they want her to pay then they can ask her themselves. Frankly im sorry i even brought it up.

Oh and im also trialing a friends suggestion of using a little Tea tree oil on my problem areas to combat the hundreds of pimples that have sprung up since about week 8. I have never had an issue with pimples before i got pregnant and its grosing me out. They cover my face, chest and upper back. With any luck this should help.