My Awesome life

I have bad days, weeks, months. But i keep thinking how awesome my life turned in the last year and i cant help but smile.

I met BD in College. I went to school with his younger brother and by and by BD started dating my best friend at the time. I saw him as the broody older man (he was 19 to our 17) and i really crushed hard for him. They broke up after 6months as you do at that age but we continued hanging out down the local league club until our little group disbanded at about 20yrs old as people started getting jobs and friends out side our school group. Over the years we touched base a few times. Sparking up brief conversations on facebook over a post someone had put up but i never really saw him at all for about 8yrs.

Fast forward to January 2013. I had just gotten out of a relationship with a man (i use that term lightly) who told me he never wanted to move in with me, get married or have kids. After 3 years together this was actually a relief that i didnt have to try anymore and could just be me. After a month or two I got sick of people telling me not to worry i would find someone. Folks why cant i just enjoy being single! So i thought i would find a single person to talk to and have a normal conversation. BD sprung to mind so i contacted him on FB and asked how he was. We chatted everynight for a week or two before he asked to catch up for real. I told myself that we were just catching up as friends as i did with my other male mates. But after the second catch up i figured we both wanted more. Fast forward 4months and his housemate moved out and he asked me to move in! I will remind you that I had been waiting 3yrs for my ex to take this step so i was over the moon. We got along great and he was just as awesome as i remembered him back in College with the added bonus that he had mellowed with age and was now laid back and comfortable in his life.

Over the next few months he kept joking that i should go off the pill. Finally i asked if he was serious because i would really like kids. He said that of course he was and bam a month later I was pregnant. I considered briefly if i had done the right thing, after all we had only been together for less than a year but each time i asked myself this the imediate answer was yes. We both adored kids and were at a point in our lives where nothing would make us happier than to have them. To ice the cake we both wanted a little boy to even out the grandkids numbers of 8 girls to 0boys and last friday that dream came true.  

I often wish i could go and tell my teenage self how awesome our life turns out but i think i wouldnt have believed it. So heres to our little family and more happy suprises in the future. 


15 weeks

I have got a more prominent bump now. Of course only I can see it as to most people I would just look like im getting fatter. But to me my fat is sticking out more and is a more rounded shape. Last night was also the first time I have not felt comfortable laying on my stomach. Normally I just bring one leg up so im slightly off it but it wasn’t helping so its now side sleeping for me.

Symptoms: Still some mild food aversions. Out of breath easier. discomfort laying down. Some ligament stretching still. Swollen hands and feet from the heat at night.

Baby: The size of an apple. About 70g and 11cm long. Will react to light if shone on belly.

Im impatiently waiting for those first few kicks. I should feel them between 15-20weeks. Some girls are already getting defined kicks in my group so fingers crossed. This heat is killing me. In Canberra its been about 40c each day and not really cooling over night. Its meant to be back down to 26-33 this week which will give some relief! We don’t have airconditioning at home, all we have is a portable air con in our bedroom which brings it down to a manageable temp but by no means cool. Right now its reading 28c in our room with it on.

We went and picked up the car seat (green) and rocker yesterday. Took us a while to work out how to work both but they are fine now. Also scored a crib for $70 on facebook. Almost got the exact pram I wanted for $80 (RRP$200)  but someone else was a few seconds faster.

I have my first antenatal appointment next Friday. Then my 20 week scan on the 21st Feb. Cant wait as we should be able to see the gender at that one!

Also found this super cool Gif which shows what happens inside your body as baby grows. No wonder its uncomfortable! 

Test #8 my eggers is preggers

We aren’t telling family until Christmas (13weeks) so don’t blab people! But I had to tell someone so why not total strangers lol. Not sure how the BD feels about our impending parenthood. He didn’t seem enthusiastic when I told him but that may just be him being a guy.

So lets do a system check:

Weight: 108.7kg

Week: 5

Symptoms: Sore nipples, slight nausea but not enough to be worrying about. Bloated.

I need to make a doc appointment, I’m thinking the 12th of Nov as i have the day off which will be about 7weeks. I believe first scan is at 10 weeks then Christmas is 12/13 weeks which is when we are telling the family.  13weeks is the end of my first trimester so the end of morning sickness (if I get it).

According to the internet I’m due on July 4th 2014.