Olympus And sick babies

home on the couch on a saturday night. Its actually a friends engagement party right now that i had to sent BD to alone as Rue has been sick and was just too tired to stay up. So this mummy is watching Fashion bloggers for the 100th time. Living varcariously through their trip to Dubai, sun, water, looks so good.

But i did have one fun trip yesterday, got my tax return and finally got my new camera! Introducing my Olympus OM-D. I had heard good things and it really looks like my dads camera he had for years when i was little. Of course his was film, mine also has a few gadgets im loving. I fiddled with it for 20mins trying to work out why the screen was blank. Turns out there is a button next to the view finder for switching between the screen and viewfinder. Once that was sorted i switched it to manual mode and i was off. No photos yet as i havent left the house in 3 days 😦 

Oh and any prayers and well wishes you can spare to a friend who gave birth to her son, James, yesterday at just 24weeks gestation. Word is he is doing well but every bit of love helps.