Thrifty cleaning cloths

this started as a way of reducing waste and saving money but then i realised these actually clean way better than any store bought sponge or cloth. Its like cleaning and buffing at the same time and they are almost free! 

Basically you cut an old towel up into squares removing the edge binding (too hard to sew through). Then Find some cotton in your stash or cut up some old sheets. Match them together right sides and sew around them leaving a gap to turn it back through.

Turn right side out and sew the gap closed. Done! About 5mins a cloth. I added a loop to one incase i want to hang it in the bathroom or something. 

You get about 18 per towel. These are great for glass, the fridge, the car. They are great for cleaning the inside of your car windscreen as my partner told me that windex isnt good when you have condensation. Turns out this is true and the best thing to clean them with is either news paper or a towel. Then when your done just throw them in the wash and use again and again. If you want to get fancy you can top stitch but i broke my needle twice trying to do it so now i just leave them as they are.



Next Christmas

Yes thats right, there will be another Christmas next year. Alot of people forget this when it comes to the post christmas sales. Alot of decorations are 50-80% off. I know that for me i need to stock up on christmas kit. This year was sparse. We have a small tree with no lights and thats it. But not only this its also a good opportunity for birthday and christmas present shopping for next year. Think ahead people. What will you need? Here is my list so far:


  • Christmas lights, both indoor and out.
  • White christmas tree
  • Wrapping paper
  • Clothes for Rue, sizes 1 and 2.
  • Birthday present for Rue (for July im thinking one of those tee pees)
  • A few gifts for Nieces. (aged 3 and 5)
  • Possibly some baby items to donate if they are a good price. (Blankets and wraps are always in demand)
  • Bed sheets for our bed (BD being a truck driver gets filthy and tar doesnt wash out too well)
  • Bonds singlets for BD (Part of any truckie’s uniform)
  • Socks for BD (He has 20pairs of the same sock to prevent mismatches but they are getting worn out)
  • Shoes for me (i have one pair…yes, seriously)
  • Laundry basket (the dog has peed on it a few times so i will have to get rid of it to prevent further urination)

Im hoping to not spend too much on this lot. I won’t buy anything that isnt at least 50% off or a bargain price. Hoping to get the tree for about $20-$30 (rrp $120). Lights maybe under $10 and wrapping paper under $2 a roll. Birthday presents under $10 a piece. Sheets are usually a really good sale item i usually get a doona cover for about $50 (rrp Over $100).  But my fave sale item i might have to give a miss this year. I have a love for egyptian cotton bath sheets. The really big fluffy ones. Each year i will generally get two of one color but having moved a few times i seem to have ‘lost’ alot of them so i now have only one of each color and only 3 towels all up and they are losing their plumpness. They normally retail for about $50 a piece but at sales are under $20. But this year other things are going to take priority over towels. We have enough and i am now on my Centerlink maternity leave so money is tighter.

Another item i will look at are party supplies. Not sure if they go on sale or not but as im now a mum i have alot of birthday parties in my future to cater for. Plates, cups, goodie bags and drink dispensers. How cute is this jungle theme:



As im trying to save for a house deposit at the moment i have been evaluating what i spend my money on. Right now, my biggest expenses are food and electricity (well BD pays electricity but i consider it a big household cost). So i have only been using the dryer if its nessesary ie if there is washing and its raining and i need to do more washing. But the other one is food. I generally do a big shop on payday of about $200-$300. $100 of that is formula and nappies so its not a cost i can cut back on. But after this shop i find that i still have to go to the shop a few times before next payday to get dinners which is another $200 odd. So this week im trialing a new method. Yesterday i did a semi shop, formula, basics that we were out of and two roasts for dinner. Why roasts? Well BD has added chicken to his list of foods he is sick of. This now makes it mince, chicken, sausages, rice, pasta. Steak, pork and roasts are really all i have left. As Rue is now eating i need to pick up fresh fruit and veg on a regular basis so i thought rather than one big shop i would try just getting 2-3 days worth of meat and dinners at a time. We will see how it goes. Im hoping it not only saves money but encourages me to eat more fresh food.
I actually picked up a few baby food pouches because rue doesnt seem to be liking what i make him. He loves apple and banana but he needs veg too. He loves the sweet vegie one to the point that he was actually opening his mouth for more were as usually i have to trick him into opening up. So im trying a few of the combos they do myself at home. Tonight for dinner he has apple, banana and pear puree. Lets see how it goes 🙂