Week 22-23

Whoops forgot to post last week. My excuse is that i went to sunny (it actually rained the whole time) QLD to visit mum. Over said weekend i seem to have popped. I went from looking fat to looking pregnant. Several people commented that ‘wow you look pregnant’ when i got back and the belly rubs have started. Its odd because i dont mind other pregnant women rubbing my belly but if a non pregnant woman tries it it urks me. Anyway. Popping means that is now harder to bend down to pick things up off the floor, to shave my legs and getting in and out of the car. I actually had to move my seat back yesterday because i realised my belly was touching the steering wheel. Im concerned that by 34 weeks when i go on leave i will be too big to drive and may have to go off work earlier which I only have enough leave for 2weeks.

Symptoms: Heart burn is receding but still around. Gas. Kicking. Soreness around my lower belly when walking. Cant sleep on my back anymore as my hips hurt.

The good life blog

Baby: Can now hear sound and motion. He is about 28cm long. He is kicking me low at the moment which is odd because my last scan showed he was head down.

It was pritty funny going up to see mum. I had been attempting to knit a baby blanket but due to my short attention span had only completed about 1/20th of it. When i showed it to mum she paused then went to get the one she had been struggling with but had almost finished. It was the exact same blanket, even the wool she used was the same! Thank goodness because i was getting no where fast and she is an experienced knitter and said that the pattern was way harder than she had imagined. So now i get my dream blanket for no effort, horray! I decided to turn my non effort into a neck warmer.

Utterly Organised blog

I also finally got a tall boy for the nursery and spent last night stocking it with clothes. This i think is the fun part. Shopping was ok but getting to get it all out and sorted is so much fun because i can picture myself in the room dressing bub. I realised that i hadnt bought as many clothes as i had thought and it all fit nicely into the draws with plenty of extra room. Then my future sister in laws sister also gave me two bags of 0000 hand me downs (her family had kids before her so she had no one to hand down to) and wow. I have only gone through half of one bag and the draws are full! The clothes are fantastic, some look like they were never worn and are all my taste. Sadly as bub will only be 0000 for a few weeks if that he wont have nearly enough time to wear it all so im handing down my hand me downs to my friend who is due the same month as me. Hopefully between us they will get some use.

Unpacking also gives me an idea of what i still need in terms of storage and baby items. I have one toy, but assume i will get more as gifts, and i have way too much stuff to fit in the draws so will need some hanging organisers and maybe one of those cube shelves for toys and shoes. I want to try and be super organised now becuase i know there is little chance of it happening after bub is here. Unfortunatley we are renting so some of the cool ideas i have found wont work because i cant create shelves or screw magnetic strips on the wall.

Also just occured to me that the third trimester is fast approaching. 3-4weeks to go (27weeks)   


Week 16 – adults

So in my mothers group there have been several people who have left due to nastyness from other group members. Honestly people, if you dont like a post or opinion just dont comment or read it. We are adults. No one is forcing you to reply to a post. I was even berated for commenting that Smoking while pregnant was terrible. Someone came back and scolded me because they smoke. I was like well thats your choice but medically speaking yes smoking is a really bad choice for bub. She said oh but i tried to quit and its too hard. Too hard? So is having a baby with withdrawls or a premature baby. Context people. Anyway, here are this weeks stats.

Symptoms: Constipation, gas, headaches.

Baby: About to do a growth spurt. Weighs 100g and will almost double this week. The size of an avocado.

So everyone at work now knows, some havent commented at all and mostly others have said congrats then walked off. What happened to being happy for others! Mum said to just ignore them and that my family is happy for me, i wanted to point out that actually Dad freaked out and didnt even say congrats for about a month. Frankly talking to another Canberra mummy to be we have decided that pregnancy is over rated. You just feel sick for the first 3 months then the second trimester all your symptoms go away, like all of them. We dont feel pregnant at all and frankly wouldnt believe it if we hadnt seen the ultrasounds. Its all a bit, blah. Not to mention someone lied. 20weeks is the halfway point but if you think about it 20weeks is 5months, which means we are actually pregnant for 10months, not 9. Seriously, just hurry up and be over pregnancy.

In good news my swimmers still fit so i went for a swim over the weekend. I learnt a few things. Pushing off from the wall hard makes your ligaments explode and hurts like hell. And doing backstroke gives me vertigo and i feel like im about to fall over backwards.

I am super tired today though because my BD got back from a weekend at his parents with metal in his eye. Went to the hospital and had it removed with a needle so was in pain all night and kept me awake. Not sure if he was in pain or just used to having the whole bed at his parents as i got elbowed in the head a few times when he decided to sleep across the bed rather than on his side. Plus i have no money until tomorrow so i cant even get some retail therapy. Sigh. Is it friday yet?

Week 14 – Second Trimester!!!

Well I made it to the second trimester. It still doesn’t seem real but have had two nice dreams about babies the last two nights which made me feel a little better. Things I wish I had known about the first trimester is how little you can eat and how much ligaments hurt.

Symptoms: Food aversions lightening up. Ligament stretching. Belly stretching as bub doubled in size this week. I still cant see a bump but my belly has changed shape. It now wider and not as lumpy. I also believe my boobs have grown as my  bras are not sitting right. Although they still fit.  

Bub: Is about 9cm and weighs 43g about the size of a lemon which if you think about it is pretty big. Moving around heaps and I can occasionally feel it if I drink coffee and lean forward for too long. Cant wait for those proper kicks in about 6weeks.

I booked in for the doctor tomorrow afternoon because I haven’t seen her in 8weeks and she hasn’t given me any test results. Frankly its just getting annoying. So im getting my letter with EDD to apply for leave at work and getting all of my test results sent to the hospital. I have my first antenatal visit on the 31st which turns out to be 2mins down the road from me. My GP is so annoying and I hope she has a good reason for not contacting me!

My BD is trying to quit smoking again so cross your fingers. Its his anger that makes him start again each time so good luck baby!

Week 13!

Well we made it. Week 13. I start my second trimester next week and cant fricken wait lol

Symptoms: Bub seems to be renovating down there, for the last few days iv had a lot of pressure and pulling from my pelvic region which I assume is bub growing and my womb moving up a little.

My bub at 12 weeks 5 days 🙂

Bub: Here is a pic of my bub! Had my 12 week scan and got to see bub. Measuring 6.3cm and kicking up a storm. It mooned us for a while before we got him to move then he stood on his head for a bit. Stubborn child. Couldn’t tell the sex but ill say girl at this point based on the nub theory.

My hot topic for this week is manners. My ex’s mates horrified me to the point where I dreaded going out with them because they would start food fights at restaurants and were rude to the waiters. Just went out with BD and his cousins and they also had a food fight. Thankfully after BD said that he hadn’t been impressed either which I was soo relieved to hear. They also requested a discount because there was a bug on the salad and their garlic mushrooms weren’t garlicy enough…seriously that’s such a first world problem, you eat whats given to you and don’t complain. I also feel strongly about cleaning up after yourself in food courts. Yes they have cleaners but you have two legs and two hands, take your rubbish to the damn bin. My dad was always very strict on manners and my sister, brother and I were all really surprised at how rude others are now that we are older. You don’t eat before everyone has been served and you are polite to waiters and anyone who cooks for you. And you especially don’t use your phone at the table or when out with other people, although my brother and sister are guilty of this one and I always pull them up on it. The world wont end in the next two hours, put the phone away. Please, thankyou and no hitting are all big ones. And you respect your elders, including mum and dad. you don’t interrupt when grown ups are speaking, you wait politely for your turn (this is something that often makes people think I never talk but actually they just never shut up long enough for me to get a word in). And you always offer to help clean up, or just do it without asking, clear the table or dry while they wash, don’t wait to be asked just initiate it yourself. 

Something that I have had trouble with lately is that when im at someone elses house I wait to be asked for a drink or offered food. In my family you always make sure the guest never has to ask for anything, you offer it first to the point of just bringing food out and letting them eat at their own pace, ie bikkies or cake. But in BD family you serve yourself so they get angry at me for not eating enough because I don’t go to the fridge and make myself a sandwich and drink all their coke. They have given me strict instructions to help myself but it still feels wrong to me.

I guess these could be considered old fashioned values but I think kids these days are way to rude and get away with anything just so that their parents don’t have to keep yelling at them, parents often just ignore bad behaviour so that they don’t have to rouse on their kids in public. Teach them early is my motto. As soon as they can talk they can learn and just keep at them until they do it without thinking. You may be teaching them until they are 18 but that’s ok. They will thank you later.