Day 7 no poo

Day 7 here and i have to say im suprised at how my hair looks. It gets darker when its oily and obviously the hair dye is still growing out. But the ends are still pritty dry. The top is oily but not as bad as i thought. Might be time for my first bicarb treatment tonight. I have a bub down with a tummy bug but he will hopefully be right as rain tomorrow. Always makes things harder because i have to be on hand incase he needs me. We are having a paw patrol marathon until he feels better. Hopefully before christmas! 


Sick sick sick no!

im really sick of rue being sick! In three weeks we had pink eye, croup, fever, still croup cough cough cough. Im exhausted and im not even the sick one! 

So new rules in this house:

  1. House will be cleaned every night including kitchen
  2. Towels and bed sheets washed weekly
  3. Bathroom cleaned weekly
  4. Rue will have a bath every night with soap (previously was every second night and i cant use soap so i didnt use it on him either)
  5. Rue will take yukult daily
  6. Rue will take vit c daily.
  7. He will consume at least 2 fruit at home including kiwi and strawberrys
  8. He will eat 2 veg a day including carrot and zucchini and broccoli

Frankly if this doesnt work i have no idea what to do next. Tired worn out, out of ideas 😭