They are just showing they care

Im sure everyone who has children dreads those final few weeks. Not because of the event coming up, but because of the constant phone calls berating us wanting to know how we are. Its getting out of hand. How long can you ignore a call before it becomes rude? How many times can you tell them that you will obviously tell them if something happens.

Getting annoyed at my lack of information when you insist on calling daily is not okay. If I have news I WILL TELL YOU. Otherwise if you call I will say, im fine, and I don’t appreciate being told off for that. As an example my dad rung on Monday to check in on me. Then he called again today, and his wife called an hour later to ask the same question. So no, I didn’t answer the phone for either of them. I have nothing to say, I haven’t done anything, nothing has happened in the last 3 days! Last week he called on Thursday then when we were saying bye he said he would call back the next day…what, to hear about what time I went to bed??? Come on. Be realistic people. Once a week is all im giving you. And if I tell you I will call after my doc appointment on Thursday, don’t call Wednesday night and expect news. I have just sent him a stern message asking him to stop calling. It might sound harsh but its getting ridiculous.

But its not just him. This week alone I have had calls from my mum, sister, boss, two from dad and one from his wife. And people wonder why we start to snap. I know its exciting but the only news I can give you is that I had the baby, and I will obviously tell you when that happens so there is no need to check in daily.

So if there is someone in your life who is pregnant. Do them a favour, restrict checking in to once a month, or ask them to keep you updated, let them set the schedule. I promise they will call if something happens.


37weeks – full term, 3 long weeks to go

For those who don’t know even though babies gestate for 40 weeks, 37 is considered a full term baby. So now its a waiting game.

Baby: 2.8kg at scan last week, measuring in 50th percentile which is exactly average. Image

Symptoms: Heart burn!

Signs of labour: Starting to get the odd painful cramp, not regular or too painful but that’s more than I had before. Lightening crotch, which is what we call it when baby engages because his little head makes your lady parts really really sore. At the last ultrasound his head was so low that she couldn’t get a face shot for me.

We installed the car seat on Friday. We managed to get it in correctly but it wiggles. After re reading the instructions, checking all the attachments and calling in a friend who had his bub a few months ago we worked out that we need a little metal thingie to lock the seatbelt and stop it going slack. The good folks at Kidsafe have a mobile van that goes around Canberra and checks restraints for free, the metal locker I need is about $5-$10 and they can supply one. Apparently its quite a common thing to need so its surprising that the seat doesn’t come with one. Either way we will both feel better knowing the seat is in properly. I have to say though that the seat we have is a Safe n Sound convertible 0-4yrs. Its one of the smallest on the market so its ideal for smaller cars or if you need to fit three seats across the back. We installed it in the middle (after much asking why I wanted it in the middle, I just thought that’s where it went, right? Because then he is safe from side impacts?) But gosh it looks huge, its right up to the backs of the front seats of my Kia Cerato which is on the larger side of the small car market, I cant imagine how big a normal seat is.Image.

Week 35 – 5 weeks to go

Im having a baby next month…well lets face it quite possibly this month! That’s such a scary exciting thought. But in terms of my body im actually feeling less pregnant. How odd is that. I just woke bub up because he hasn’t wiggled today and I wanted to make sure he was still in there. Because really I feel a lot better than I have for the past 2months. Im not sure if its because im off work and relaxing or if its just that I have the hang of what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I am proud to say that I can still shave my legs in the shower, go me!

I had my 35 week checkup on Wednesday. Bub is still head down but has moved from the left to the right. His head is engaged but the doc couldn’t tell how far. Basically that means that his head is wedged in my pelvis and not coming out until he is born. It also means that my lady parts really hurt because bub is pushing against my pelvis so I have to be careful how I move. Especially getting in and out of the car and putting pants on. My Diabetes is under control and only goes over if I have something naughty like McDonalds and even then it only goes over slightly. Im not concerned about going on insulin now, I really think they don’t want me on it and are happy for me to deliver at Calvary my chosen hospital, yay. I have another appointment at 36-37 weeks and an ultrasound to make sure bub is the right size and I can go full term. Its a diabetes thing that bub can be too big and they would  need to induce me earlier but my last scan showed a perfect bub so im not worried. My sister in law is due the week before me with an elective c-section so she has her scan this week to set a date, exciting! She may have her bub in the next few weeks!

My baby shower is tomorrow, quite excited but I will have to watch the amount of naughty foods I have. But I did have a moment the other day. I was telling a friend how BD was taking two weeks off after bub but I thought it would be easier working out a schedule by my self rather than with him home helping. She pointed out that he is taking time off to bond with his son, not to help me. I was like, oh of course he is! Its silly because every time someone asks they say, is he taking any time off to help you? Not once did I think that he wanted time off to be with the baby lol I guess its just the way people usually word it that my brain just hadn’t clicked over…im such a dolt.  We have also been invited to a friends 30th two weeks after his due date, kids not welcome. Can’t say I think ill make it lol

Its just a waiting game now…I have never been good at waiting.

Now what? Week 33 – 7 weeks to go

I made the decision to go on maternity leave a week early. Not because I hate work, which I do, but because I was having so many doctors appointments that it was getting silly to keep getting med certs when I could just finish up a week early. As I was leaving my colleague asked who was taking over my job, I said I had no idea, she got grumpy and complained that I should have given more notice because now she was going to have to do it. I would like to point out that not only has my leave been approved since JANUARY but that I covered for her for three weeks last month when she had to go overseas for a family emergency. Its not my issue that no one got off their butt to actually address the issue of who would be doing my job, I handed over as much of it as I could think of in the last few weeks. From there its up to management to deal with it. So now im officially off until April 2015! I say officially because im planning on having a new better job by then so I can quit this one.

But now I have the question of, what now? I have 7weeks until my due date. Assuming I make it that far that’s a fair amount of spare time! I will be cleaning the house of course so its organised and I don’t have to worry about doing it with bub in one arm. But the rest of the time? In the past when I have been on leave I love to bake. This time I have Gestational Diabetes so no baking for me. Its leaving me out on a limb! There is only so much online shopping I can do before it gets expensive! This will be my first full week off plus my first week in the last month with no doctors appointments, maybe. My fasting levels are still high so I have to ring the clinic tomorrow. Fingers crossed no Insulin needed! I have foxtel but have watched all the shows im interested in. Any recommendations, I like the cooking, gardening and home design type ones.

One thing that has sparked my interest in the last few days is that im actually a published author and the writing bug has bitten again. I have started a new book which I hope to work on while on leave. It was actually a career I thought would be great for when I had kids as I could work from home. I haven’t hit the big money yet and only make about $50 a quarter, no, authors don’t make a lot of money lol Until I hit the best seller list most authors need a day job. But it will get me through my mat leave I hope with some sanity. I ordered 3 books from Booktopia too which should be here next week or the week after. If you haven’t been on there yet, its about 30% off retail price so very worth it.

Oh and I cant remember If I posted but I had a growth scan at 32 weeks and bub is measuring perfect to dates. Here is his cute squishy face and a hand. My sister needed some explaining to see this is a baby and not a smudge. Can you see it? I was pretty excited that he actually looks like a baby now and not a blob 🙂 His hand is top left, nose and lips above that near the middle and forehead in the middle right.Image



Week 31 – 9 to go

I get suprised some times at people who dont realise im pregnant. Strangers have commented that im big enough to be having triplets but i just commented that im going on leave to a colleague, she said for a holiday? She was shocked when i said it was maternity leave. I mean honestly, i have grown 3 dress sizes!

This was also my first week testing my blood sugar levels. The first few days all came back normal but the stab i just did came back high. Im quite suprised at what makes it high and what doesnt. A big roast lunch, normal, a small pumpkin soup and multi grain slice of bread, high. Im assuming i need protien to keep it level? Its a learning curve for sure.

I have also decided that with all my medical appointments latley there is no sense staying at work for the next two weeks and i may as well leave early (im devistated…not!) So as soon as my manager gets back tomorrow im taking the last week of May off which means from today i only have 3 working days left!!! It will be so much easier to manage everything without work in the mix.

I also realised i have less than 8 weeks until bub is born! Less if my scan on Friday makes me a candadate to be induced which im sure it will. Getting real now! Also realised i havent shared and pics! First is me demonstrating how my bump dropped last week. Second is the nursery, it now has a rug but i took this before i got it. ImageImage