Now what? Week 33 – 7 weeks to go

I made the decision to go on maternity leave a week early. Not because I hate work, which I do, but because I was having so many doctors appointments that it was getting silly to keep getting med certs when I could just finish up a week early. As I was leaving my colleague asked who was taking over my job, I said I had no idea, she got grumpy and complained that I should have given more notice because now she was going to have to do it. I would like to point out that not only has my leave been approved since JANUARY but that I covered for her for three weeks last month when she had to go overseas for a family emergency. Its not my issue that no one got off their butt to actually address the issue of who would be doing my job, I handed over as much of it as I could think of in the last few weeks. From there its up to management to deal with it. So now im officially off until April 2015! I say officially because im planning on having a new better job by then so I can quit this one.

But now I have the question of, what now? I have 7weeks until my due date. Assuming I make it that far that’s a fair amount of spare time! I will be cleaning the house of course so its organised and I don’t have to worry about doing it with bub in one arm. But the rest of the time? In the past when I have been on leave I love to bake. This time I have Gestational Diabetes so no baking for me. Its leaving me out on a limb! There is only so much online shopping I can do before it gets expensive! This will be my first full week off plus my first week in the last month with no doctors appointments, maybe. My fasting levels are still high so I have to ring the clinic tomorrow. Fingers crossed no Insulin needed! I have foxtel but have watched all the shows im interested in. Any recommendations, I like the cooking, gardening and home design type ones.

One thing that has sparked my interest in the last few days is that im actually a published author and the writing bug has bitten again. I have started a new book which I hope to work on while on leave. It was actually a career I thought would be great for when I had kids as I could work from home. I haven’t hit the big money yet and only make about $50 a quarter, no, authors don’t make a lot of money lol Until I hit the best seller list most authors need a day job. But it will get me through my mat leave I hope with some sanity. I ordered 3 books from Booktopia too which should be here next week or the week after. If you haven’t been on there yet, its about 30% off retail price so very worth it.

Oh and I cant remember If I posted but I had a growth scan at 32 weeks and bub is measuring perfect to dates. Here is his cute squishy face and a hand. My sister needed some explaining to see this is a baby and not a smudge. Can you see it? I was pretty excited that he actually looks like a baby now and not a blob 🙂 His hand is top left, nose and lips above that near the middle and forehead in the middle right.Image




Week 20!!!!!!!!!! Its a……

OMG half way. Finally. People keep asking if im excited about getting to half way and I remind them that I still have 20weeks to go…That’s a bloody long time lol so im trying to think of it in smaller chunks. 10 weeks to my next ultrasound, 14 weeks until maternity leave and 16weeks until its safe for bub to enter the world.

 Symptoms: Heart burn and extreme hormonal bursts of anger and tears. Please bring chocolate.

Baby: Looked great on the scan an measuring exactly on time.

Was a bit disappointing it was my longest scan but she never really got any baby looking shots as she was mostly checking if it had veins, feet and hands. At the end my sister was like, whats the gender? The chick was like oh did you want to know I usually don’t check…YES WE WANT TO KNOW. She she gooped me up again and checked. Its a…..BOY! Yes folks there was a weiner. There was no mistaking a weiner and scrotum (horrible word honestly).

I have said it before but in our families the last 8 babies have been girls so we are pretty stoked to have the first boy of this generation. Actually in the last 2generations in my family there have been 16girls and 5boys so having a boy is cause for celebration. I feel a strange sense of old Victorian pride at baring my BD a son. I would so be worth heaps of camels as my dowry.  So this means that I can start shopping with a purpose. Checked my stash and have far less than I thought. I have hardly any clothes for birth-3months. Most of the stuff I have is for 6-12months for some reason and they are all onesies. My family has started shopping though so I have passed on my list of what I still need, pants, tops, jumpers, booties. Dad also agreed to buy me a pram which knocks $500 off my budget, yay dad.

BD has been working heaps which makes me feel super lonely as im stuck at home with the dogs who I don’t really like as they shed and stink and put weird marks on the lounge which I really don’t want to know what it is. Today I cried in Best and Less because I thought BD would be home after work today but instead he went straight to his parents place for the night so wont be home until tomorrow afternoon. When I stopped crying enough to buy my things (the poor checkout chick tried to make me feel better) I got home and had 4 bits of toast with 4 slices of bacon and 4 fried eggs and felt much better. Now I’m redecorating the house because it always makes me feel better and contemplating a pedicure. Wonder what BD will say about it when he gets back 😛

Week 11 – Almost end of first trimester!!! also, telling dad!


So i forgot i had another blood test yesterday so i have to do it today. Its for my thyroid i believe. I also called my doctor as i was meant to see her at 10weeks which has been and gone with no call from her. I believe she forogt but i left a message for her on tuesday and its now friday and still no call…Im getting edgy as i get closer to the 12weeks scan (which will actually be at 13weeks because of christmas) as we have had a few women who went and found out bub stopped growing a few weeks ealier. Very sad and making me nervious! So i finally bit the bullet and ordered a doppler. A doppler is an at home, handheld device that measures the babys heartbeat using ultrasound (makes me think of Sheldon from Big bang theory when he dressed up as the doppler effect lol). Its not very powerful so can often be hard to find babys heat but it will give me peace of mind if it works. Plus it was only $80.

Symptoms: Cramping and shooting pains in tummy. I think its from sitting for too long but also read it may be from dehydration so will be drinking more water. Nipples have started hurting again.

Baby: Getting big, is now 5cm |…………………………………………………….| about this big. Looking like a little person now. Has started doing womb gymnastics but i wont feel it for a few weeks yet.

It told my dad and brother last night. Brother said congrats but dad is in shock i think haha it went like this:

Showed dad the ultrasound pic

Dad: Whats this

Me: Your grandchild

Dad: *looks at it* Who? You?

Sigh no dad a random is giving you a grandchild. Then all he could say was that he didnt know what to do with that information. My brothers girlfriend was the most excited haha she is so cute. BD was a little alarmed i think and when we left asked me if thats how i thought dad would react because his parents were super excited and gushing where as dad didnt really comment at all. Dad got all emotional when my sister turned 30 this year so i think he is just remembering that we arent his babies anymore 😛 Then BD told him the story of how he hit a guy at work in the head with a shovel, not helping honey! Oh well, thats all the family, now just to tell friends once that scan is done 🙂 6.5months to go! 


Week 9

Well week 9 starts Sunday but I wont have a computer so ill do it today.

Symptoms: Reflux, food aversions, feel ill if I don’t eat regularly.

Baby: 2cm, no longer has a tail.

My biggest worry at the moment is having a missed miscarriage. They are quite common apparently where you miscarry but don’t know it. I know its silly but its hard to believe im still pregnant when i have hardly any symptoms and as im fat i cant see a baby bump. Next scan isn’t until week 13 so i guess i just have to sit and wait.

I have to say too that looking for pics of the different aged babies for my weekly pics is really disturbing. I keep getting pics of dead and aborted foetuses…I don’t need to see that.

Week 8

I have a horrible horrible head cold. As im knocked up I cant take any cold and flu meds so I just have to suffer 😦 Anyway:

Baby: Growing fingers and toes this week.

Symptoms: none, beside my cold I was feeling fine.

My thyroid is also still not right so im on meds for it. It should be 2 and mines 3.4. I also requested a dating scan because I have no symptoms I am feeling nervous so seeing a heart beat will make me feel better 🙂 Im booked in for 4:30 this afternoon so ill post a pic when I get back.

now if I can just get rid of this darn cold ill be set 😦

Over informed

So I have always thought once you are preggers than that’s it. But now that im reading things online its freaking me out. There is a good chance that it can just go away in the first two months. Miscarriage risk is super high for the first 4 months. Then I am hearing stories from friends who have lost their bubs at 6-9months for no reason. Its seriously giving me a complex! I know that in all likely hood everything will be fine but until I get this first few doctors appointments over and done with and get things confirmed im nervous and don’t really believe that its happening. Sweet

I am reading up and didn’t realise I need an OB. I thought that your GP handled the whole thing. So now I have an appointment at the GP for Thursday. She will give me a referral to an OB and for a blood test. The week after ill have my blood test and hopefully get in for my first OB appointment which are monthly apparently. So until that’s all done I don’t think I will believe it. I even took another test just to make sure it wasn’t a chemical pregnancy…I know. So this is my current to do list:

4/11 Week 6: GP appointment

11/11 Week 7: Blood test first OB appointment?

5/12 Week 10: Ultrasound

23/12 Week 13: Tell family and friends we are expecting/ end first trimester


I am also wondering when is a good time to start seriously shopping. I think it will have to be after Christmas so past the 4month mark. Maybe after 6months (March)? That gives me time to save up and get one big ticket item a pay. Plus this will be my parents first grand child so im expecting a fair amount of financial gifts from them. Baby Travel: Travel Bag for Babies - IcreativeD.... epic idea ;)Maybe a big ticket item each. If you are wondering what I consider a big ticket item, Crib, pram, car seat. Im expecting each to be between $100-$500.

BD and I have also been talking names. He likes Jasmine for a girl where as I like Molly. We both like Reuben James for a boy but he wants to shorten it to Ben like his grandad where as I want to leave it as is. Its kind of freaky actually I have a friend named Reuben and had a dream about him last night, then today BD told me that Ben was short for Reuben. It think its a sign 🙂 Im still expecting twins but will have to wait for the 10weeks scan to know.  Also how cool is the bag/bed opposite? Getting one for sure.