so its no secret that i hate my job, alot. In 17months im up for long service leave which means not only have i stuck this out for 10years but i get 3months paid leave.

This means i can finally leave my job and not loose out on all that hard slog. But in order for me to do that i will take a pay cut to where ever i choose to work next. I have started preparing now for what i need to do to make it work:

  1. Pay off any debt i have, this reduces my monthly expenses by about $300.
  2. End lease on car and get modest $5000 car to replace it.
  3. Have enough savings to see me through 3months incase the new job doesnt work out.
  4. Have a house deposit

This may seem simple but they are all high cost items. If i start now im really hoping i wont have to work past my long service leave. It would be soul crushing to have to stay just for the money 😣 


Back to work

hey long time no see! Thats because i havent had time to scratch myself now that im back at work. BD is on the road during the week so its just me and little man. He seems to be settling in well to his daycare. He was spooked the first week or two by the other little girls screaming, he is a quiet little boy. But now apparently he just screams back lol 

He crys when i leave him which is the hardest part but im assured he has a great time after a few cuddles. 

Work is actually giving me a break in my mummy duties which im finding quite nice. Down time i guess because my job is rather laid back and i have little work anyway. I have fridays off which was a great idea on my part. Really gives me that extra day before BD gets home to get laundry done and the house clean because when he is home i dont feel like doing any of that. 

The only reason im blogging today is because i remembered you can get a wordpress app so i can blog from my phone. Its so much easier! Especially because i can just use photos straight from my phone rather than emailing them to myself first. 

This was Rue this morning before work in the jumper his nan and pop got him. How much fun is it!  

Let me tell you a story about my work

Its no secret that i have a deep hate of my job. I do infact have a deep hate of nearly every job i have ever had. The reason however may suprise you. Its not the job that i hate. Its the culture surrounding it.


In my current job i have been pulled up on my clothing about 4 times in 3 years. The first time was fair game as i was wearing jean shorts (3/4 length) as i previously worked in a university which didnt care what i wore. I now work in a government department so they were unacceptable. The second time i was told I couldnt wear high heels (i was wearing kitten heels, no higher than 1inch or so) because it was a OHS risk. Now i work for the library and 90% of the staff are female and you guessed it, wear high heels. Some MUCH higher than my kitten heels.

The third time i was pulled up was when it started getting unfair and bordered on bullying. I was pulled into a meeting with my manager and told that the director was not impressed with my outfit. I was asked to wear a cardigan or cover myself up some how. At the time it was casual friday and i was feeling really good about my outfit. I wore black flats, a knee length black business skirt and a green and black top with thick black straps. Hardly revealing. I was so upset i went out at lunch and bought a cardigan to pull over the top.

The fourth time i was just plan angry. I was again told that my outfits were too revealing and not appropriate for the office. Our building is secure and no public is aloud. I work in a team of 6, three of whom work on a different level. My area literally only has the three of us in it, as its the library the only people i see day to day are borrowing books and thats maybe once a day. This day i was wearing a tailored business dress. Not low cut, thick sleeves to the edge of my shoulders, not tight, came past my knees. I suggested i wear a burka. The thing that annoyed me more was that my coworker who did work in a larger team came to work in pants and a grubby tshirt everyday…no one said a word to her and my manager since then wears very low cut tops, 4inch heels and mini skirts so small you can often see her knickers, again no one pulled her aside.


I have a deep objection to my having no work but having to ‘look busy’. Or worse when they invent jobs for me that dont need doing in the first place. This is a total waste of my time. If i have finished my work, asked colleagues if they need help, ususally finished their work for them, and there is literally no work left, why can i not get on with my own projects? Surely its just as productive as cleaning sticky marks off the side of shelves. Unfortunately im cursed that i can use a computer really well, type really fast and am so good at learning that i often teach myself everyone elses job too and have literally run the library on my own for several days when the flu sweeps through. Im putting myself out of a job. I have tried working slower, leaving work for other days but then i get yelled at for leaving work. The biggest issue is that most of what i do is non deliverable, ie no one knows that i have done it. There is nothing to hand in, nothing to deliver. I fix things, reorganise things, create things that others later take credit for 😦 I actually wrote a full set of procedures for my job when i started after i realised no one else knew how to do it. Then two years later when i cycled back to that job they asked someone else to train me, on my own procedures, then when i pointed this out they told me that she had written the procedures not me when infact all she had done was save them to the intranet.


I am constantly told that people dont like my work because i dont put in the effort. The work they are referring to is not my own which i can do in my sleep, it is of course when they send me an email saying. can you put these figures in a chart with these headings, formatted like this. I do what they ask then get told that that isnt how they wanted it and i should have put more effort into creating a presentation…Im sorry but if you give me a set of instructions on how you want it done then thats how im doing it. If you say create a presentation with these figures then i will use my skills to do so. Some of my best work was when i was bored and decided to create projects on my own. People loved them, until they find out no one asked me to do it then they decide it cant be used because the proper protocol wasnt followed. In other words, it wasnt their idea. A good example of this was when my director drew me a picture with headings of what she wanted. I made it and sent it to her. She showed it to her boss who didnt like it so she blamed it on me and said that it wasnt what she had asked for, i still had her original sketch. It was exactily what she had asked for.

Are you starting to see why i hate my job. I am always told how impressive my resume is. Then they hire me and dont use any of my skills. So i sit around at home and try and work out how my skills can make me money without someone hovering over me telling me how to walk, talk and dress. So far everything i have come up with i am told im great at but i cant make alot of money at it. Writing stories, heck im darn good at selection criteria and everyone i write it for not only gets the job but gets praised for their selection criteria. Is that a career? lol

I love to design and work with my hands so my latest venture is to create sewing patterns. I can create a really fun pattern that i get total control over the creative process. Bliss. Im working on the first draft atm and i will post on here for free when im done in the hope you will try it and let me know how you go 🙂 Help me find a job where my outfit isnt inappropriate and i dont have to be cheerful to idiots who earn three times as much as me yet cant work their email. Sigh.