Week 16 – adults

So in my mothers group there have been several people who have left due to nastyness from other group members. Honestly people, if you dont like a post or opinion just dont comment or read it. We are adults. No one is forcing you to reply to a post. I was even berated for commenting that Smoking while pregnant was terrible. Someone came back and scolded me because they smoke. I was like well thats your choice but medically speaking yes smoking is a really bad choice for bub. She said oh but i tried to quit and its too hard. Too hard? So is having a baby with withdrawls or a premature baby. Context people. Anyway, here are this weeks stats.

Symptoms: Constipation, gas, headaches.

Baby: About to do a growth spurt. Weighs 100g and will almost double this week. The size of an avocado.

So everyone at work now knows, some havent commented at all and mostly others have said congrats then walked off. What happened to being happy for others! Mum said to just ignore them and that my family is happy for me, i wanted to point out that actually Dad freaked out and didnt even say congrats for about a month. Frankly talking to another Canberra mummy to be we have decided that pregnancy is over rated. You just feel sick for the first 3 months then the second trimester all your symptoms go away, like all of them. We dont feel pregnant at all and frankly wouldnt believe it if we hadnt seen the ultrasounds. Its all a bit, blah. Not to mention someone lied. 20weeks is the halfway point but if you think about it 20weeks is 5months, which means we are actually pregnant for 10months, not 9. Seriously, just hurry up and be over pregnancy.

In good news my swimmers still fit so i went for a swim over the weekend. I learnt a few things. Pushing off from the wall hard makes your ligaments explode and hurts like hell. And doing backstroke gives me vertigo and i feel like im about to fall over backwards.

I am super tired today though because my BD got back from a weekend at his parents with metal in his eye. Went to the hospital and had it removed with a needle so was in pain all night and kept me awake. Not sure if he was in pain or just used to having the whole bed at his parents as i got elbowed in the head a few times when he decided to sleep across the bed rather than on his side. Plus i have no money until tomorrow so i cant even get some retail therapy. Sigh. Is it friday yet?


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